I Love Nigeria, I Love My Country!


I Love Nigeria!

I love Nigeria and the things that make the country different from the rest of the world. Forget about all the jargon and negativity you hear about Nigeria. We are not perfect but we try to survive ad-mist a lot of nuisance. Nigeria is a great country with millions of hardworking intellectuals who stand out in their many fields and professions, and in the different countries they reside.

Nigerians are great minds. We are warm and friendly people who aspire to make a better life for ourselves and country aside religious wars in the northern part and our homophobic nature to homosexuals. Nigeria is otherwise a peaceful, friendly and cosy country. Our culture is dynamic, our people are hospitable and our food is unique. You can only understand Nigeria best if you hang around Nigerians!

Gosh I love my country! I love Nigeria. I don’t want to be anyone else but Nigerian. Nigeria is a country like no other. We are naturally gifted with rich human and natural resources, and we have tourist attractions in cities like Lagos, Calabar and Abuja that are extremely unique! We also have luxurious five star hotels that function as good as those in the western world.

Nigeria is a beautiful hot climate country, a great destination for a summer vacation. Nigeria is the giant of Africa and a very rich giant at that with minerals like gold petrol food and more. Our political system is a problem but overtime i am optimistic that it will improve.

So, do not judge a book by its cover. Don’t be quick to hate on the Nigerian close to you because Nigerians in General are great minds. I love my country Nigeria and I love every Nigerian!

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